Sorry, VIP Audio Access Is Unavailable And Currently Under Review For Closure

Sorry, but is currently unavailable, as I am in the process of reviewing the sites future. Reviewing things as they are, is of course a difficult thing, but the stark truth of the matter is that, for the vast majority within the VIP community, I don't think the site is addressing their specific needs. Unfortunately, for a website to flourish, grow and be maintained, it needs dedication, enthusiasm, interest and support. Taking things on as an individual...and maintaining the level of enthusiasm required,with only the very minimum of support is unsustainable, both emotionally and financially. The bottom line is that I cannot afford to run the site in it's current form. A VPS is not cheap to run and, although the site requires a VPS, as it is too busy for a shared hosting account, I can't continue losing money. I created the site for one reason and one reason only...I thought it was needed and it would be embraced by the VIP community, as an outlet and resource for access and development. What it's become, from my point of view, is a site that creates frustration. Why:

Now the above should really create and fire up some debate, but, unfortunately it hasn't worked out that way...too many specific agendas without any real substance and support. I'd like to thank the few who have supported me and for that, I look at the past couple of years as very positive. I'm so glad I've been able to make a difference to these individuals and hope to continue that in some way on a personal level. The site has up until the end of the month (September 2014) before it's closed, but I've taken the decision to make it unavailable now and show this screen, as I want to see if there is any desire from users to keep the site running. If you feel as if you want to air your support, donate or offer any words of wisdom, you can do so by e mailing me: contact me Cheers Steve.